What do I have? (Is it a type of Dandruff?)

I have straight, brown hair that has a slight curl inwards naturally at the end. About 4-5 grade I noticed that my hair scalp has this weird, orangish-yellowish almost dandruff thing in it. It's not scales, it's more or less patches. It's oily, but when my hair is oily it has more thickness to it. If I search up yellowish dandruff I get ED or whatever, but that's not really what it looks like. Any help? I also have dandruff, if that helps. But it's like a wax almost, but not really..? And I also frequently have dirty neck / behind my ears and clean that. Ive also scratched my head to the point where there are scabs (not proud of though, lol.)

3 Answers

oh! Forgot to add. We have hard water if that makes a difference (stained bathtub/toilet/faucets.)
Looks like you might have seborrheic dermatitis, which I have as well, but I'm no dermatologist, I'd suggest going to one so they can properly diagnose you and you can discuss your options with them
Sounds like seborrheic dermatitis. That form of "dandruff" is usually very oily and less like normal dry skin a.k.a dandruff. If I were you I would go get a proper diagnosis from a dermatologist so you can figure out what helps and how to continue your hair care regimen properly. Hope this helps, xo :)