I have uneven thickness in the same hair starnd and it looks so damaged, what can i treat this with?

some of the hairs have uneven thickness and I've started pulling them all out because they look so unhealthy but my hair have started thinning and i still don't know what's wrong with it or how to fix it, bearing in my mind i never straighten or blow dry my hair at all. 

1 Answer

Stop pulling your hair! That is only making the thinning worse. You can still have damage whether you apply heat or not. It can be from the way you handle your hair, your pillowcase, and towel drying. I recommend buying a silk/satin pillowcase and drying your hair with a cotton tshirt. It's also best to comb your hair when in the shower with a wide tooth comb. For the thinning, I suggest to do a hair mask and massage castor oil into your scalp. You can also take hair supplements such as biotin and/or folic acid. Unfortunately, there's nothing to do to repair it as the strand is already damaged. You can get a trim to rid of split, dry ends but doing so is optional. I recommend you to start adding a deep conditioner and hair mask to your hair regimen. Hope this works!