What can I use to regrow,thicken and bring back curls after hypothyroidism? My hair is dead an gone.

2 Answers

You should schedule an appointment with a trichologist. 
For a fellow hypo.... I would recommend make sure your hair is healthy. Plenty of moisture , and occasional protein treatments. try some sulfate free shampoo, and lay off the silicones... Im not cone free. but I try to do my best. Comb gently, with lots of detangler..slowly.Also, make sure your taking and meds youre supposed to, and Iron IF you are low. Have your Dr. check with blood tests. A cheap daily vitamin will help. And balanced diet.Also , you may want to oil scalp ocassionally to help strengthen follicles..(I use Herbal 7 from sallys beauty).Try to steer clear of miracle thickening products or pills.... Just take care of the hair you have, and it will grow. Most gimmick products are waste of money.You might want to try Shea Misture yucca line and OGX Biotin and collagen line.Hope this helps, be kind to your hair and patient.