Should I use weave attachment or braid my real hair under my sew in?

My natural hair goes below my collar bone. I'm getting a sew in and I usually leave my edges and a small leave out, out. The last time, my stylists braided my real hair but I didn't know. Is it healthier to braid with weave then sew in, or braid with natural hair then sew in? Pros and cons of each? (I only leave my weave in for a maximum of 2 months by the way)

1 Answer

This is a stylist question. I think the sew-in/ protective style thing becomes a myth when your hair becomes dry in the braids underneath. Ever notice how your hair breaks so easily when you take it down. It's SOOOO dry. So, either way I'm not sure braiding your hair with weave or using your natural hair in braid under the sew is healthier than the other. Probably the same. Though, it might be harder to keep your hair and the weave moisturized. And this probably depends on how long you keep your sew-in installed.