I used WEN on my hair about 2 years ago and only for about a month and it pretty much ruined my hair

I used WEN on my hair about 2 years ago not knowing how horrible it was my hair is 50% thinner than it was and my natural curls are pretty much gone and i have short pieces in the back that wont grow.  Ive gone to the dermatologist and have had blood work done and everything is fine Im just at at loss and dont know what to do i just want my hair to go back to normal.  I just cant imagine what was in that stuff that would damage my hair so much.

1 Answer

I'm so sorry to hear that this has happened to you! I've been hearing so many things about WEN since this lawsuit broke; it's so sad and kinda crazy. Personally, I think the idea of washing hair with conditioner only is NUTS. Washing your hair with conditioner only does not remove all build-up that may have been accumulated over the days, weeks, or months (not to mention that the conditioner leaves deposits of it's own -- it is a conditioner, after all, it's meant to temporarily soften the hair). Having that left on your hair for a long period of time can be extremely drying (which causes thinning) and cause breakage, which is why you need to wash with a shampoo every once in a while. I would recommend returning to the shampoo, condition, and deep condition routine that has worked for many years before people got bored and started to change things. I will say, though, considering that you used WEN about 2 years ago and only for one month, that WEN may not be to blame for the condition of your hair.....unless you have put nothing else on your hair since then....