I want to give my hair more volume. How?

On a scale of 1-10 my hair has is about 7 on the days i wash it. I want it as close to 10 as possible, any tips?

1 Answer

When I want more volume in my hair I do everything upside down once I'm done with conditioning. I flip my hair over and rinse a bit of the conditioner out with cool water, and while I'm upside down I scrunch in my styling product while it's still dripping wet. Then I do the "plopping method" with a t-shirt for a few minutes (sometimes I need to change to another t-shirt if my hair is especially wet still). After that, I flip my hair upside down and scrunch a bit more, flip it back up and kinda shake my head a little bit to have all the curls fall back. On the rare occasion that I use a hair dryer I use the Devafuser (the diffuser that looks like a hand) and, once again flip my hair upside down while drying and keep the diffuser at the roots. That really gives me the most volume.