Im 16. When i was 15 i didnt wash my hair with shampoo/conditioner at all, now im thinning, help!?

PLSSS READCurrently I am 16 (male, asian, straight black hair, hair used to be SUPER thick and straight, now super thin everywhere), and as stupid as it sounds, when i was 15 i didn't wash my hair for around a whole month with anything (shampoo/conditioner) but water. This was because my hair styled better and stayed up. After this dumb phase i decided to wash my hair for the first time and as soon as i washed my hair with shampoo HEAPS of hair fell out like HEAPS. After just two days of washing my hair in a row with shampoo i noticed everywhere was thinning and my widows peaked had pretty much thinned and balded. Now, im 16 and it has not gotten better at all. My hair used to be normal in terms of porosity, but now it doesnt absorb ANY water at all, just forms water droplets on my hair. I have dry brittle hair that falls out if i just touch it, and i am positive this is not balding, just that my hair follicles and scalp have been blocked and damaged due to sebum overproduction. I have tried coconut oil which did nothing, clarifying shampoo which has done nothing, apple cider vinegar wash, baking soda mixed with shampoo, etc, i also changed to silicone free shampoo, but there is still no change!! PLSSS help, i really want my hair to go back to normal as i know that my scalp is definitely in bad condition! T^T Also i have split ends everywhere now so i know it's damaged, i have not dyed my hair, or used any heating products so im positive it's something to do with the scalp. I have gone to the family doctor (G.P) once and gotten novasone lotion but that has done nothing. Also when my hair falls out it doesnt have a white bulb on the end, i read that this means that it is damaged hair that is falling out so ye. I have attached a photo of when my hair was perfectly healthy (the one with the red covering my face)

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Change your shampoo herbal essences shampoos are great or maybe get a sulfate and silicone free shampoo and shower less maybe shower 2-3 times a week because showering a lot can cause too much sebum , jamaican black castor oil is great for thickening the hair and making it stronger use it everyday or every other day until you get the result you want , cut your split ends , split ends can cause breakage and do an apple cider vinegar rinse once a week until you feel that your scalp is clean , And one more thing go to a hairstylist maybe they could help you