I'm confused what my porosity level is. I did the sink/float test but some sank and some float

I have had my hair permed a few years ago. I did a big chop and now I think I might have 4a hair with a tiny bit 3c in the very back but I don't even know if that's correct. I wanted to know what my porosity level is because I want to improve my hair health. It's lightly bleached to brown on the tips so I do hot oil treatments with coconut oil and I do hair masks with eggs for protein but I can't tell if it is helping or if it's useless for my hair because my hair doesn't seem to be growing one bit. I use tea tree mint conditioners and damage eraser shampoos nothing is working and I think it has to do with my porosity level which I don't know about. It resists heat and gets very frizzy quickly.

1 Answer

The color treated hair is likely higher porosity b/c the process is damaging to hair -creating chips in the hair that allow water in fast and out fast. This hair would sink. So, your healthy hair is probably more naturally lower porosity (doesn't absorb water fast, doesn't let go of its very fast either once the moisture is in it). This hair would float. If you aren't familiar with The Curly Girl Handbook or the Th Curly Girl Method I suggest you watch some videos on YT. That is the best way to understand some ingredients and how they can affect your hair. Avoiding silicones, sulfates and mineral oil are a big help. Lower porosity hair will need slightly lighter products like a milk rather than a butter b/c the heavy ones don't absorb well and will tend to sit on top of your hair. That's a great place to start and I bet you will see hair growth once you follow the CG method.