I'm frustrated with my hair but I'm too scared to do the Big Chop.

Even though my hair may look nice in my pro. pic, it's an absolute mess!! I've never been good with taking care of my hair. I have 4c hair. I've gotten better with washing it every week or every other week throughout high school. The whole problem is trimming my split ends. I haven't had my split ends cut in four years (got them cut my sophomore year in high school and I am now a second year college student). My first year of college I applied way too much heat to it (over 500 degrees) almost every weekend. With the heat and not trimming my split ends, my hair is an unhealthy mess. Just a few hours ago I cut all of my split and frizzy hairs, shampooed, rinsed with apple vinegar, deep conditioned, and moisturized. The back of my hair is where most of the damage is and it's now extremely short. I've never had my hair this short and idk what to do and how to style it. My hair is most likely uneven and I want to go get a professionals opinion about what to do but I'm too embarrassed. I've been also thinking about doing the Big Chop.My question to all who are reading this is, since my hair has been so damaged for over 4 years and my hair trimming is most likely crooked, should I just do the Big Chop to start fresh?If I shouldn't, how can I style it?

3 Answers

Don't ever be embarrassed to ask for help. We learn from our mistakes and that's ok. But that being said, never ever ever EVER go another 4 years without a trim. Trims keep your ends healthy in turn keeping the rest of your hair healthy. You should trim your natural hair every 2-4 months depending on how your hair feels.Now on to your current dilemma.. if you feel that you need to start fresh then I say go for the big chop! Why not, spring is just around the corner and its a great time to start over. If you decide not to big chop then you need to be more careful with your hair. Treat it like its precious silk. I do think you should seek professional help if the damage is as severe as you say it is. That way you can get a professional's opinion and start fresh from there whether or not you decide to big chop.I hope this helps. Good luck!
Oh and style wise... Try 2 strand twists, bantu knots, or braid outs. Youtube is your best source for styling tips. Find someone with similar textured hair and try to recreate what they're doing. Your hair may not come out the same but you'll get practice and develop your own style and technique.
Sorry, I couldn't answer in time, but great answer @WndyOh!