Im trying to grow out my hair? Its always been same length

iidk what type of curls i have either my mom has never knew how to do myhaur because   I'm the only mixed kid in family so when i was little my mom did damage my hair trying bad product and burning relaxers but that was years ago so idk y its like this plus the only way i can style it is by wetting it so twice or 3 times a day i wet my hair #1 WHAT TYPE OF CURLS DO I HAVE?because the quiz didn't help#2 WHAT PRODUCTS YOU RECOMMEND #3 WHAT IS YOUR DAILY ROUTINE AND NIGHT ROUTINE

1 Answer

Do you get regular trims? Hair growth is like a multi-button, right click, left click, backspace, spacebar, spacebar type of thing. It could be any number or combo of things preventing hair growth but I say keep a clean and healthy scalp, keep it moisturized, clip those ends, and watch what you eat. If you are having to wet your hair that often to keep is "feeling" moisturized its most likely that you need a trim and to clarify that build up. 1. looks like a mix of 3c/4a (honestly, to me this DOESNT really matter all that much, just find what works for your hair and go with that. I have type 3c and tons of people with 3c hair use products that I would NEVER use because they don't work on my hair for reasons like porosity, thickness, density, etc)2. Again, what works for me might not work for you BUT even with that said, girl these products are like everyone's staples: KC Knot Today and  Elucence Moisture Balance Conditioner, but Aussie Moist works too. Those two products  are like my all time, hands down, best stuff I've ever put in my head. You can see all my favorites here... I don't stray far from these essential items. Some aren't in your local drug store but let me know if you want drugstore suggestions. LOC. All day; everyday... or when I'm not lazy. And actually since I'm a  lazy natural I don't do my hair every day. I use the LOC method on my WNG because it last for like 5-7 days 0_0 and at night I just pineapple like the video below.More on LOC: this helps!! You have beautiful hair; never let anyone tell you anything different. :)