Is it normal for low porosity hair to be frizzy when wet?

My hair is very dry and frizzy. I have naturally low porosity hair so is this the cause of it? My hair will not properly get wet in the shower it doesn't soak up the water. It just goes frizzy when I try and wet it. I don't think it's buildup because I clarified a few weeks ago and there's was no change. This is such a problem as since my hair won't really get wet and is dry and frizzy while 'wet' the products I use don't even have a chance to work. Is there anyone out there with low porosity hair that has had this problem and will I just have to live with frizzy hair all the time or is there something wrong with my hair that makes it frizzy while wet? It shouldn't be damaged by the way as I never use heat or colour etc.

2 Answers

Check your products for polyquats. They are known to make hair frizzy when wet, and they are very hard to remove.
Second the polyquat advice. I have to use shampoo with a stronger surfactant to remove polyquats and I need to do it a few times. I have significant issues with 4, 7 and 10. Not sure about the others.