Is my hair damaged?

My hair is always quite dry and frizzy but I don't know whether it's damaged or I'm just not getting enough moisture in my routine. Even when my hair is wet each strand has frizz around it. I never use heat on my hair, it don't use sulphates or silicones, I don't brush my hair dry or rub it with a towel. I got the bottom of my hair thinned out about a year ago but that's actually the healthiest looking part of my hair. It's shiny and moisturised looking. What is going on with my hair? Could it be that I have split ends that made their way up along the hair shaft (I got my hair cut about 8 months ago) and if so will I have to get loads cut off now?

1 Answer

If you wear your hair up a lot, it can cause weak spots and eventually mid-shaft splits. However, frizzy hair when wet is a telltale sign of polyquat buildup. Check your products for polyquaternium-# there are many different numbers. Some are water soluble, but those still cause buildup on me. If it's the polyquats, clarify, deep condition, and avoid them like the plague. Also avoid glycerin/humectants and protein during winter.