Is my hair regime good for my hair?

So I've been using a ratchet and aloe vera based shampoo and conditioner, tea tree and bergamot hair food and a mixture of peppermint, castor, olive oils and water in my hair for years but i haven't seen any growth and my hair is still dry. I grease my hair every other day and whenever I go out i spray the oil mixture. Plus my hair is dropping a bit when i comb it out. I want my hair to grow and be healthy. Is this ideal for my hair? If not what should i try?

1 Answer

lol @ ratchet >___<Remember that WATER is a moisturizer, not oil. Oil only seals in moisture. It sounds like you're slathering your hair in oil but not actually moisturizing it. Think of it this way: the opposite of dry is wet...not greasy! So try the LOC method >>'s worked for me! I have bleached hair and my hair is still soft and moisturized. Hope that helps!