Itchy scalp

I have a very itchy scalp, well it's more at the centre of my head..i just can't stop scratching with my fingertips. I am currently using Black African soap (onsu), it could be that my scalp doesn't like it..IDKI tried the Acv rinse, nothing Tried using tea tree oil on my scalp, it was ok but still itchy FYI I don't use any oil on my scalp as it clogges the pores.What can I do?

1 Answer

sounds like you need some good old fashioned  ACV , Apple cider vinegar works wonders for itchy dry scalp , dandruff and so much more great benefits . My second suggestion would be olive oil shampoo and conditioner . Also , it could very well mean that you are suffering from dry scalp . You said that you do not  use oils , but try using natural hair products .. like coconut oil , or olive oil . They are light and doesn't weigh your hair down . Hope this tip helped