I've gone from 3b to 2b and don't know why

I am 27 and over night my hair has gone from a well conditioned 3b to a dry, limp version of 2b. I've had my hair cut twice, tried conditioning products, John Freida curly shampoo&conditioner, treatments, serums - nothing is helping the curl or condition of my hair. I've never had any problems with my hair and always loved my curls so I'm desperate to get them back.Has anyone else had the same problem or any recommendations?I have heard that your hormones change around 27/28 but I never had any issues during puberty.

3 Answers

Do you color your hair at all? I have seen some changes in my curl pattern with home color versus salon color. also, do you ever use a diffuser to get more curl definition? and yes, if you clarify your hair or try out the L'Oreal Paris Ever Curl - blue bottles - the conditioner and styler both work well for my 2C hair. As for hair cuts, if you get more layers do you see more curl?
No I've haven't coloured my hair in years at home or in a salon. I have tried using a diffuser before but my hair frizzes unless I leave it to dry naturally. My last hair cut made a difference but that was purely because I chopped off a lot off the straight bits. I've attached a picture of before an after, the damage may have been caused by heated rollers from my wedding hair trial. If so, I don't see a way of getting my curls back but I'm trying in vain!
Have you tried a protein treatment, or a ceramide treatment? your hair may be lacking these in it. I know that when i apply a protein treatment my curls spring right back, and when my hair was severely damage I  used a ceramide  treatment to restore my hair and keep it from falling out (i had six perms and 2 bleach treatments) You can get a protein treatment at sally's try Aphogee  2 step treatment or mayonnaise treatment can work to some extent you can also use and egg as well . For the ceramide treatment use L'oreal's De damaging balm available at Walmart. I hoped this helped, P.S. If it is hormones talk to your obgyn and dermatologist.