I've got a lot of hair but I shed sooo much. Is there a way to reduce the amount that falls out?

I always have a clump in the shower drain, sometimes I notice it in the pool and if I run my fingers through my hair, a few strands are guaranteed to be there. My hair is really long so I'm sure that makes it seem like much more.

2 Answers

It's expected that you'll lose around 25-50 hairs a day; that's normal. But if you're losing more, you might want to check with a doctor. Excessive hair loss can be a sign of a medical problem, such as thyroid issues.
Read up on the articles on this site about protein. Many people experience breakage if they have too much protein in their hair products (their hair will feel coarse, straw-like and brittle). At the same time, people with damaged hair can also experience hair breakage if they have too little protein in their hair products (this is usually an issue if you color or heat-style your hair regularly). Additionally, changes in diet, hormones, medication and stress levels can also cause excessive shedding. If everything else seems normal, it might be worth checking with your doctor like CurledOne suggests.