So I've been moisturizing everyday but my hair feels oily. How often should I moisturize ?

Iv'e been transitioning and I'm new to things, I hear you should moisturize you hair everyday but my hair always feel oily and I don't know what to do.

4 Answers

Everyone has a different routine so if something doesn't work for you, you don't have to do it. Personally I moisturize and seal daily only because if I don't my hair will be sooo dry lol. But some people moisturize and seal every other day or they just don't have a routine so they just moisturize when their hair feels dry. Just do what ever works for you. :)
Yeah, my hair gets oily too, not too much but is there, like i touch it and I feel it. First try decreasing the amount of oil you put, if no change then begin skipping days. 
I agree with CaribbeanCurls and AmandaCurls101. You don't have to follow a routine exactly as it's stated, if it doesn't work for you. I personally believe that hair should be moisturized only when it needs the moisture. I moisturize my natural hair every other day because moisturizing everyday would leave my hair feeling oily. This works for me. You can try moisturizing your hair every other day( once in every two days ) instead of everyday to see if it works for you. In the future, if a routine or method doesn't work for you, try making some changes to it to make it work for you. Each head of natural hair is different. Moisturizing everyday may work for some types of natural hair but not for others, just as washing natural hair everyday works for some types of natural hair but other types need to be washed less frequently. I hope this helps you, bye.
If someone says something isn't working, then my advice is always -- stop doing it! lol there are no rules to this. You do what works. This isn't working for you, so it's time to change your routine. Experiment with how long you can go before moisturizing your hair.