I've been natural for about 4 year, I barely use heat, my hair and edges are breaking bad! why?

My hair was in great condition then to my surprise my edges began to come out and I was losing a lot of hair. I flat iron my hair hair once a year and refuse to blow dry. I deep condition weekly and mostly do wash and go's. Giving birth to my daughter 8 months and stopped breastfeeding 4 months ago, only factor that changed is my water intake, due to me not breastfeeding anymore. I know after giving birth you lose some hair but my hair is horrible now, doesn't feel or look the same. Could those factors contribute to hair loss? I need help bad! Really at crossroads with my hair.This pic is before the extreme hair transformation.

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Hey! Umm you don't look old at all but as you get older you might start losing hair. It also depends on your genetics when you lose hair. I don't know that much about pregnancy due to the fact that I'm only 12 but if you wear braids or weaves, they might be too tight and it's pulling your hair thus, loosening up the follicle and making your hair easier to fall out. Remember;moisturiz-ation is the key to almost all hair locks! Hoped I helped! -Rahmat The Hair Obsessed 12 Year Old
Thanks, but I don't wear weaves and I barely wear braids....I was so invested on being natural and rocking my hair...I've been doing a little more research maybe its the decrease in my water.
Hello  there...I would have to say after pregnancy syndrome can cause hair loss especially after breas feeding post pardom stress ...and you may not even feel stress but be going thru post pardom jus because of giving birth it's natural start back drinking water and taking care of your hair you should be fine also vitamins may help as well
It can also be due to your prenatal vitamin supplements... if you were taking those during your pregnancy and suddenly stopped, your body may be holding back from producing the amount of biotin and vitamin e your body needs. Try taking a women's multivitamin and dabbing some Jamaican Black Castor Oil or tea tree oil on your edges and temples every night to promote hair growth.Hope this helps!!
well what i found myself doing everyday is playing in my hair and about a week later you could tell i lost some edges and length,so what i do is put up twist and comb coils,try not to use a brush or comb to detangle my hair and so far my hair is looking good :)