keratin treatment damaged my culy hair, help!

i'm not sure what type my curls are, i've been treating my hair with keratin the past couple of years and i fianlly got rid of it. it turns out i have curly hair (yaayy) but the upper layer is damaged, some hair strains are still straight and stick out between the curls and the front roots are too frizzy (not even curly) ! an ideas what i should do?

1 Answer

At this time its crucial to nurse that section of your hair back to health, focus on providing extra tlc to that area by applying more moisturizing products to that area and deep conditioning. The straight pieces you may eventually have to cut them little by little as they grow out. Fake it til you make it by using a little gel to smooth the frizzy sections and you can also use the gel to scrunch in the curls you don't have for the straight pieces. Hope this helps.