the bottom layers of my hair have more of a loose curl pattern then the rest.. pics below!

I barely ever use heat.. and always make sure to use heat protection if I do.. but I just wanted to know if this is normal, and how Can I make it the same curl type as the rest of my hair.. Thanks!!

1 Answer

ALRIGHT, I have the SAME issue. Like exactly the same. I have looser curl patterns on the nape of my neck and a few sections with tighter curls on the top of my head and in the front while the rest of the hair is regular 3B. Just got a haircut and the stylist made sure to cut the bottom layers to match. (Right now I have a long A-line bob think it's called) I had hair passed my back and the curls differences were noticeable. I do not use heat or chemicals.ANYHOW to answer your question: From what I know:This is normal and you can do several things to make them look similar. Usually what I did was braid my hair in like 3-4 chunky braids. The next day they got separated and Voila! Wavey hair to match! Another thing you can do is when you finished adding product you can finger curl the areas/section with the less than ideal curly. Clip it if it's not picking up the curls. Make sure you have enough product to hold the shape but not weight the curl down.I was going to suggest maybe using a curl activator on just the problem areas, but I don't know if you wanted to try that. (I have products that work on parts of my hair and not on the others so I mix and match). Avoid sulfates and make sure you keep the hair hydrated.I've used curlformers but that takes time to do. I got tired of doing it with my curly hair BUT the style lasted me all week. By the end of the week the hair straightened into waves (The back was mostly striaght haha) and I wore it in a cute high ponytail. So if you want to use rollers, rod sets and w/e else there is try that. But braiding seemed to be the easiest way to deal with the curl patterns. Easier to untangle later too. I've also taken sections of my hair and twisted into large ringlets.. waited for them to dry then separated. The back doesn't always pick up the curl but sometimes yeah :DI'm still learning things as I go, wanted to tell you Good luck!