Why is my left side not growing as fast as my right side?

I was looking at my hair and noted over time that the left side isn't growing at an equal rate as the right side in the back sections. I trimmed my hair down about 6 months ago so that it would be even. Looking at it today its still not flourishing like the right side. I have low porosity hair and have noticed that my left side needs more attention when it comes to styling i.e. smaller twists for twist outs. I've currently been focusing my scalp massages on the left side for extra TLC and I deep condition on a regular basis. I was thinking it may be from sleeping on my left side because I just seem to roll to that side in my sleep but i'm so confused. Help a sista out!

1 Answer

Sleeping on that side can definitely be the cause of the uneven growth rates, but it may just be a bodily change that happened as you "aged".