Looking for shampoo and conditioner for very damaged fine curly hair have been told i need protein

So i have fine curly hair that can be nice spiral curls underneath and then looser sometimes flatish curls on top it's very dry and damaged having alot of breakage at the min, been advised to get a protein rich shampoo and conditioner she recommended redken extreme but thought best to ask on a curl hair forum ascurly hair can be tricky please any recommendations welcome iI'm in uk 

1 Answer

Not sure what is available in the UK. Shea Moisture brand has several options. I like Hask Keratin Protein packs. Not a fan of Redken b/c I do the Curly Girl method and most of their products have sulfates in the shampoos which are drying and silicones in the conditioners which coat hair and keep moisture from penetrating causing more dryness overtime. See if you can find some Curly Girl method followers online, Pinterest, Youtube that will have recommendations :) Best!