Losing my curls. Will a perm help?

This year for some reason my curls are disappearing. I have changed product and take care of it best I can. I was told by my stylist that a perm would help revive my curls. I did this once before when I was 14 and it worked. But I am now 37 and worried I will just cause more harm than good. Any feed back would be appreciated. Below is a pic from 2 years ago, straight out the shower with just some mousse and the last pic is my hair today :(

1 Answer

If it has worked once before, there is a good chance that it will work again. Sometimes hair just changes though, and in that case, it is what it is. My hair changed with maturation, and has just become curlier all the time. The one thing I know for sure you will want to avoid is heat. How drastic the effect is can vary from person to person, but with my hair, using heat to style it just once shows an immediate (bad) effect, making my curls much limper, frizzier, and more sporadic. All that considered, I gave up heat altogether. That's just my two cents, I'm no expert, but I really hope it helps! Your hair looks beautiful in both shots to me :)