Losing my curls. Will a perm help?

This year for some reason my curls are disappearing. I have changed product and take care of it best I can. I was told by my stylist that a perm would help revive my curls. I did this once before when I was 14 and it worked. But I am now 37 and worried I will just cause more harm than good. Any feed back would be appreciated. Below is a pic from 2 years ago, straight out the shower with just some mousse and the last pic is my hair today :(

2 Answers

A perm will chemically alter your hair. While it would bring back the curls, there could be a less drastic option that could bring them back. Sometimes when hair grows longer, the curls will seem to disappear so consider a hair cut. Have you colored your hair? This could be the reason it is changing also. Do you straighten your hair alot? This could contribute to it. Judging from the pics though, your hair seems healthy. Are you physically healthy? Sometimes illnesses and medications can cause our hair to change.... maybe your body chemistry is changing- this could cause your hair to straighten as well. So sorry your curlies aren't so curly any more :( I hope things get better soon!
Hair texture changes often as we age. Our cells replace themselves completely every seven years, and this can contribute to everything from a change in hair texture to acquiring allergies that we never had before. A perm will give you your curl back, but will also cause damage, so your curls won't act the way they did before. Also, perms require the same upkeep as hair color, but cause even more damage, so please consider that before perming. I also agree that a haircut may make all the difference. Layering and texturing will remove the weight that might be causing you to lose your curl.