Losing volume and curl

Hey everyone! So, I was born with voluminous and big type 3b hair. but as I turned into a teenager, my hair started falling out, I lost a lot(!!) of volume and my curls looked more like type 2b instead of 3b. I'm currently still a teen, I've only straightened my hair 4 times, and I eat healthy food, and care for my hair a lot. Also my hair is really frizzy and dry. Is there anyone with a solution? Or just an explanation as to why I've lost my curls and volume? I just really miss my old curls :-(

1 Answer

Well during puberty could results in change of hair type its usually common. As far as fall out, possible heat damage ( i don't know if you used heat protectant and how spaced out the straightening was). Or time for a trim (check to see about split ends situation). Or too much product build up which ways hair down. For dry hair do deep conditioning and oil treatment for some time(it will take time, patience is key) For volume, dry hair against the grain of each section of hair with a diffuser and use volumizing products for the time being. Hope this helps.