Low porosity hair? What does this mean and how does it impact my product choices?

I've been natural now for over a year but I haven't focused on learning a whole lot about my hair. Recently, I've been seeing a lot of people talking about low/high porosity hair. I did the float test and my strands remained on the surface. Is this a bad thing? Does that mean that my hair does not  absorb any moisture? 

1 Answer

It means that it is harder to get moisture into you hair - which can be maddening - but it's also hard to get moisture out of your hair once it's in. Low porosity hair has a cuticle that lays down more, leaving less space for water and products to get in and possibly resulting in build up if you apply to much product or if the product is heavy and a straw-like feeling if you use too much protein. Heat sometimes be used to ensure that your products penetrate - like using a hair dryer when doing your deep conditioning treatments. On the brighter side, the flat cuticle usually leads to hair appearing shinier.