male 3b, on the 2nd day my scalp starts to smell weird, which forces me to shampoo, whats happening?

the scalp starts to smell(not foul, but a weird sweaty smell) by the 2nd day and if i dont shampoo it gets itchy on the 3rd day. ive tried coconut, almond oil, but no also having another problem where a lot of my hair strands are now straight from the root, rest of my hair is thick curls, but all this straight hair just sits over my curls and it looks weird. 

1 Answer

I'd recommend laying off the oils and any products containing shea butter, petroleum and/or "cones".  When these ingredients are over used it can cause quite an odor.  Look for more natural water based products.  You could also make your own lavender spray(there is a recipe for this in Curly Girl The Handbook).  If you don't want to make your own many curly hair companies make refresher sprays that you can spray on the scalp on the days your don't wash.It's sound like you have two different textures going on your head.  Make sure you have your hair cut dry and curly by a hairdresser who specializes in curly dry cuts.  The different textures on your head need to be respected and treated differently when being cut.