Mats and buildup in hair

I've never really known how to properly take care of my crazy thick and curly hair (I got it from my dad), and now, once again, it's gotten to an awful state. I'm trying to grow my hair longer (I look really ugly and masculine with short hair), and I was caring for it pretty well at first. Then, I missed my haircut appointment and, in a depressive slump, neglected to really take care of it for awhile.It's now a disgusting mess. It's matted, knotty, dry, frizzy, and full of nasty waxy buildup. I need to take a few hours and try and detangle it as much as I can, but my scalp is (and always has been) incredibly sensitive. I don't want to have to cut all my hair off. It's finally to a length that I like after years of hating curly hair. Is there any way I can minimize the pain when I go to clean it out? And once it is manageable again, what are some ways to keep mats and buildup out?(Included is a picture of my hair today; as you can see, it looks awful.)

1 Answer

Hey, can you answer these questions for me so I can get a better understanding of your routine and hair properties and give you the best advice I can:>What products are you currently using? (list all shampoos, creams, whatever)>When do you detangle (after you shower or after it dries? Do you use a certain product to detangle?)Thanks!