How often to moisturize hair?

I know all hair is different, but if I do the LOC method on my wash day/day 1, how often do I have to remoisturize for the rest of the week? and do I re-do the LOC method all over again, or can the remoisturizing be done with simply water? Hope this makes sense.. lol

1 Answer

Hey :),Moisturizing is obviously important, but the climate/state of your environment should actually signify how often your should do so. It also depends on porousity and how much moisture your hair absorbs.Water is really effective when it comes to moisturizing, but be cautious of the amount you apply to your hair, because you wouldn't want your hair to wilt and weaken up. And be sure to use the LOC method, which youve stated to use. I hope I helped a bit :P Anaelle, 15