My hair is half curly and half straight. What do I do?

My hair used to have beautiful ringlet curls. In the past year probably due to straightening and dying it has begun to lose its curl. The left side of my hair is still very curly while the right side is straight. I cut 4 inches off of my hair in hopes to get its curl back. I have tried Aragon and Moroccan oil as well as different curl conditioners. No matter what I try the left side of my hair is beautiful curls and the right side is almost straight. What is going on?

2 Answers

you're probably just going to need to wait for new growth. try protein treatments followed by deep conditioning. i would recommend you follow the curly girl method.
Use Moroccan argan oil curly definition i had this problem and its made my hair so curly also the shampoo and conditioner made my hair so much thicker