my hair used to be very big and have lovely curls but now due to heat damage my curls are lifeless and boring why is my hair straight one side but curly on the other i really need some help thank you xxx

2 Answers

Sounds like you're in need of some serious moisture. You need to go cold-turkey on the straightening and blow drying....cut out all heat! Then, switch over to natural products. Heat, along with products filled with harsh chemicals are stripped your hair of it's natural moisture...leading to your wonky texture you describe. Use a deep conditioner once a week, a leave in every day, and moisturizing oils every day. Take a look at the products section here on the site and look at what other 3cs recommend. I am a 2b, but I LOVE Ouidad's Curl Recovery line, made especially for repairing heat damage. Look for something along those lines.  
I agree... deep condition once a week, and use moisturizing oils. I like to put jojoba oil in my hair at night and then rinse it out in the morning. And try to stay away from heat. :)