My hair seems to be getting straighter and seems "dead" Need advice please!

Hello everyone I just stumbled upon this site and I am in desperate need of curly hair advice. I live in Australia and products and good hairdressers are limited for curls. A lady recently "thinned" my hair with thinning blades/scissors :-(  and has "broken my curl pattern" my hair is usually very curly 3B hair and usually looks shiny and defined when the right products are applied. No matter how many treatments, new products, no sulphate shampoos I have tried my hair is looking dead, lifeless and now seems to be going straighter!!! noooo!!!! please help any advice much appreciated. im just slowly waiting for my hair to grow out and thicken up but it is just so dead and lifeless and the curls arn't happening like they used to when i apply the products.Thankyou curl friends! Josie

3 Answers

Well, first thing's first, I'd say clarify. You didn't mention anything about 'no silicones', so those may be building up on your hair. Other than that, when she thinned your hair she may have broken up a lot of the natural clumping, so your hair isn't 'as' curly because parts of it aren't clumping with the same numbers of hair (lol if that makes sense?). Seems to me you'll just have to ride it out and wait for your hair to thicken back up, or cut it. 
I think Misha's right. Clarify, deep condition and see where you are then.For cuts, be sure to see a curl specialist stylist.  
No SILICONES - Try Scientific Essentials Conditioner that uses 18 MEA and no silicones to bring back healthier and more manageable hair - Their shampoo has no sulfates and literally got me thru this crappy winter :) Otherwise I am hoping u do not cut as that's what my roommate is considering - though her new salon recommended deep conditioning