My natural hair feels like straw? ( Please Answer)

I shampoo my hair with Shea Moisture Manuka Honey Shampoo, it feels fine and not stripped, I deep condition with the deep conditioner from the same line, then I moisture with Oyin hair dew and seal. As soon as I run my fingers through my hair after all this (even when wet) it feels like STRAW. Why? Btw I am a newly natural, have low porosity and 3c/4a maybe 4b hair.

1 Answer

coconut oil could definitely be the culprit. Ive read many curlies say that maybe you should try a different oil not so much in you wash outs like pre poos but as far as leave ins like sealing and things like that. Grapeseed is light. I use avacado and extra virgin olive oil for instance. Cococut oil make my hair feel like straw too. And remember with oil less is more. Dont need to use a bunch. Good luck ;)