My natural hair is very fine and thin. I usually wear sew ins but it keeps breaking. any advice?

it is very thin and when I walk in the sunlight its very see through. I am trying to grow it long and take msm, biotin, multivitamin, collagen, and have taken mineral rich. Idk what is wrong with my hair. I have been anemic in the past but the doctor said my iron is normal. I have it straightened right now and taking a break from weaves. I wear weaves as a protective style. Idk if I should wear it out and condition and straighten it every week. Advice would be appreciated!

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Before I say anything, I'm not sure if youre saying your hair is naturally fine (fine/thin strands) and low density (thin/ not a lot of hair on your head) and you want help with breakage, OR if youre saying at one point your hair wasnt low density and it keeps breaking off and is now thin.If you have naturally fine strands like I do, you cant put too much manipulation on your hair. No heavy styles, if so not for a lengthy period of time. You need to adapt low manipulation styles, aka styles that dont require a ton of work and movement. Your hair keeps breaking because sew ins, though a great form of protective styling when done right and taken care of, arent a protective style that should be done so often. Between the braiding, sewing and pulling whether tight or not, then styling the tracks (say you want it in a bun you still have to pull your own braids to an extent to put the tracks up) or leave out manipulation. Fine hair is when your individual hair strand is thinner than a piece of sewing thread. Low density hair is when you do not have very much hair on your head, aka thin hair. I have fine strands but high density hair, aka thick hair. These will affect how much product you use in your hair, how you handle your hair, and what you use in your hair. Here are some links to help you out!Click here, here, heeeere, and here for tips for your fine hair.Click here for your low density (thin) hair.Products for your hair - click here.I hope this helps love xo :)