Has my natural hair stopped growing?

my natural hair has successfully grown to round about the length of my relaxed hair in about two years and I'm now continuing onto my third year of my natural hair journey where I hope to at least grow 6 inches of hair in a year which may be difficult to consider when straighten my hair just reaches the bottom of my neck but that's where I hope my hair could fall naturally.Why I think my hair may stop growing is because when my hair was relaxed this was the lengthen it seemed to stop growing at ,a and I want to really push for neck length natural/shoulder length natural hair. (My hair is different as some parts shrink to about half the hairs actual length and some about 3/4 of the lengths and some of the really curly pieces even more than that , even though there few they grow in spirals ) But I'd like to know how to prevent the hair from stunting and continuing to grow from about neck length fk shoulder lengths , and an estimate of how long it would talk would be great. To me my hair seems to grow at a slower pace than I'd like it to grow at. 

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