Natural, transitioning?

Ive always loved my curls. No one in my family has curly hair and that's how I found this website, I want to know how to care for my hair. I've never straightened it too much and I have always used a heat protectant. I didn't know about the silicone free and no poo, so is my hair still technically "natural" or do I need "transitioning" or what, I don't really understand it?

1 Answer

transitioning is going from relaxed to your natural hair(which isn't your case). just keep your hair moisturized by deep conditioning your hair once a week, following the CGM (curly girl method) will help your hair tons too which basically consist of washing your hair with silicone free conditioner and using products with no sulfates, silicones, parabens, etc. also your doing great with minimum to no heat. just being gentle with your hair and keeping it moisturized and strong is probably the top things that matter most to your hair. by the way. welcome to naturally curly! i hope this helped a bit for you and if you would like to know more about taking care of your hair theres plenty of articles specific to your hair type on how to take care of your hair.