Anyone with naturally low density/thinner edges?

Is there anyone out with naturally thin edges? When I was a baby, my hair fell out and since then, as my hair grows in, my edges just look naturally more sparse on the sides (the top of my hair is more dense) . They are finer than the rest of my hair, but not particularly fine in general. Really, it just seems like they're low density. Also, when I say edges, I'm not talking about baby hair. Does anyone else have this problem? Have you found anything that seems to make your hair fuller or any styles that seem to make your hair fuller? I read a bunch of stuff about people who lost/mistreated their edges and how they grew them back, but anything that might work on naturally less dense ones? 

1 Answer

My suggestion is to avoid tight hairstyles that will tug at your hairlines, even sleek buns. Depending on the severity of your thinning, it might be worth looking into a product like Redensyl or Minoxidil to restore your edges.