need hair growth? I need some advice please.

i did the big chop august 2013, it was a really really low TWA. it grew out and but I had breakage really bad. I would deep condition once month, but the breakage was still so bad, so I trimmed it and it was low once again that was january of this year. It's growing slowly but sure, I don't see or feel the results. what should i do. I'm getting frustrated. I am still deep conditioning but using SheaMoisture deep conditioner with black castor oil only thing is I dont like how it makes my hair feel. 

2 Answers

I would recommend that you deep condition once a week and find a cream to keep your hair moisturized. Also make sure that you keep your ends trimmed. I go every 3 to 6 months but it all depends on your hair. Also try using Jamaican black castor oil. It works wonders. I have also used hair vitamins like biotin and hairfinity. Last time I straightened it my hair was a little past mid-back length. I hope this helps!! 
make sure be patient