Need stylist who understands naturally curly, naturally blond hair after serious illness

I had an undiagnosed illness that I suffered from for years and it left me with constantly thinning hair. Though my hair was naturally curly to wavy and would grow long, because it was always thin, I would straighten it and add extensions to give it fullness.After years, I nearly died from this disease (had a near-death experience) and lost all of my hair. I am one year into my recovery and my hair is now regrowing. It's between 6-8 inches long. My hair was 22" long before I grew my sickest and ended up in the hospital and on feeding tubes. It was also a natural golden blonde with some natural strawberry lowlights (see photo -- it's an older photo but shows my hair at its best).Now that I am recovering, as I wrote, my hair is growing back. However, the back of it is curlier than ever (ringlets) and darker than it ever was (a dark blond). While the top of my hair is a little lighter than my hair was originally and only slightly curlier than before. I have MUCH more hair than I used to and I believe I no longer suffer from thinning hair.What I want to do is find a stylist who understands how my health issues have affected my hair and can tell me what to expect as I move forward healing. I also want someone who understands how to cut curly hair. Finally, I want someone who isn't obsessed with coloring my hair. I've always had naturally pretty color and I cannot understand why all of these women I have gone to (one of whom cut my hair a bit and the rest of whom I just consulted with) want to color my hair. It's as though they've never come across someone with naturally blond hair and they all want to make me look like these women who have to color their hair to get some blond (all four of them suggested I put dark roots in my hair and make my blond color a white blond). They're one trick ponies who not only rush to get me coloring my hair but they seem to be able to tell me NOTHING about what my hair has been through and what I might expect in the future.So, can you help me?

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