Is it normal for my hair to look this frizzy after washing and conditioning it ???

i don't know my hair type but I do know that I'm low porosity coarse , medium to high density hair. This is my hair after washing  and dried with no product ( I was trying to figure out my hair type)  do I need a trim ??? I shaved my hair in August and haven't cut it since.

1 Answer

Hi Shannyn, I think it's pretty normal to experience frizz when hair is dried without any product in it. I don't think you need a trim unless you're looking to keep it in a short style. You could try incorporating a leave-in conditioner after you wash and condition your hair, and if you grow your hair longer I'd look into a styling product that work for you. I know you're not sure of your hair type yet but Camille Rose Aloe Whipped Butter Gel is a styler that I know people from Type 2 wavies to Type 4 coilies like so you could try that out