Is this normal shedding after one month from protective hair style??

I took down my Jumbo Mango Havana Twist crochet hairstyle that I had for a month and 2 or 3 weeks. I oiled my scalp once or twice every week or other week. I got the crochet to prevent my hair from being damaged due to the heaviness and breakage caused by the synthetic hair braided into my hair. I suffer from Poly cystic ovarian syndrome which causes me to have severe hair shedding. After taking the hair down, my hair was soft and slightly dry. I put oil on my hair. I detangled on dry hair on one side with my seamless jumbo comb. I started to detangle using water. Massive shedding. Washed and detangled in the shower with conditioner still shedding. Is this normal shedding or extreme? 

1 Answer

Yes that seems normal because you wasn't combing/touching your hair for more than a m