Oily roots dry mid section and my ends are always good, i need help making past secon day hair!

Ok i started the cg method 5 months ago.  i know everything takes time.  i have 2c hair with some waves and a thin layer at the nap of neck that is straight and fine(which i dont care if thats straight).  and before cg i was able to go 3 days without washing.  now i am struggling to make through second day hair without wanting to wash my hair. this means i am washing every other day and i dont want to.  when i cowash i use either as i am cowash, i like it, or suave naturals juicy green apple or tropical coconut.  i try not to shampoo but if i feel like build up is happening then i shampoo with shea moisture.  i plop after cowashing or washing, use a satin pillow case and pineapple.  i feel like my roots are always going to be oily no matter what i do.  I never apply anything to the roots or my scalp, except for washing, because anything will make my head itch until i wash again and it will still be oily.  even if i restyle for the second day my roots are always the problem, please can someone offer me any advice thanks.

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