Is it Ok to diffuse your hair everyday. I have type 3b hair and I want to know if it will damage it.

Ok So as u know my hair is type 3b and it requires alot of maintenance but I don't mind anymore. So I've found a new hair style for myself and I've done it a few times and I like the way it looks. My everydw hair style is when I wet all of my hair, put gel in my hair then scrunch it up to make it curly and bigger. but I'm starting not to like the wet look and water gets all over my shirts, plus its bad for the winter. so now I've decided to do all that except in the end I diffuse my hair with a diffuser. And I want this to be my everyday hair style. I would like to know if this would ruin or damage my curls. thank you :)

2 Answers

It's okay. Just diffuse your hair with cool air.
As long as you have it on the warm/cool setting, and put it on the lowest blast, you should be fine. It might take awhile, but it'll definitely be faster than air drying.