okay so I have 4a hair and my hair is always dry

even after I moisturize I tried using cantu products it didn't work I tried leave in they just make my hair hard and I tried using only water but when that dries my hair feels even drier I also tried water and then sealing with grease the moisture lasts longer but then it only gets dry again.. Do u have any tips

1 Answer

Sounds like you have high porosity hair. Or you just might not be using the right products. 4a hair is between kinky and curly so it is a bit hard to find the perfect products. Try more products that are water based and somewhat thicker. Maybe try using the popular layering technique, known as the L.O.C (and L.C.O) to some. This is where you use a leave in (or liquid, some people just use water), an oil, and a cream to seal your hair. By layering products your hair retains the moisture input by your water/leave-in. Try this out. You also may need to deep condition more. Your hair may just need a bit of 'restoration,' or like a clean slate. Get a clarifying shampoo then an intense treatment or masque. This will help a lot, especially if your hair is high porosity.There are countless possible reasons for your hair being so dry, but try some of the more simple solutions first, deep conditioning or just trying more products. I have 4a hair that hates cantu! Some popular products just don't work for all types of hair.Good Luck!