Is it okay for me to use the term 'natural hair' when referring to my own hair, as a white girl?

I really don't want to appropriate anything that doesn't belong to me. It seems that the Natural Hair movement has its roots (haha) in PoC learning to love their natural hair without adhering to the oppressive and exhaustive white hair standards.I, myself, am just beginning to learn how to treat/deal with my 3A/3B hair (I'm adopted, and no-one else in my family has curly or wavy hair), and NaturallyCurly and/or the Natural Hair movement has given me a lot of information that I've had no way to access previously. I'm learning to be kind to and love my hair.However, I don't want to appropriate the Natural Hair movement if I don't belong in it, and so I'm looking for input from anyone who's not white. (Also, I don't know how to tag this at all).

1 Answer

yes, natural hair is just your natural hair, anybody of any race can learn to love their natural hair..some straight haired white girls who perm it up should probably learn to love their natural hair. NO race has a monopoly on the terms "natural" or "hair", or either of them put together.