What to do about parents that are basically against curly hair and thinks curly hair is nappy?

I am a 14 year old black girl with extremely opinionated parents. I wear my hair curly and my parents automatically think its nappy. My mom has lived all her life straightening her hair, having perms, or getting weave, and thinks that I should do the same. She constantly thinks I should straighten my hair when I wear it natural. She claims its embarrassing when she goes out with me because of my natural hair.She thinks it makes her look bad. She also claims its nappy, when its always soft and curly (3c mixed with a little 4a). She literally threatens me to the point where I am in tears cause she wants to straighten my hair. I tried to negotiate with her and she agreed to me not having to straighten my hair anymore, but she claims I must always comb it through. How do you comb through curly hair? She thinks she's saving me from breakage, but combing curly hair will cause damage. I tried to explain to her that finger combing curly hair is the best thing to do, but she doesn't listen. What do I do? Wait til Im 18? <(3 years and 3 months til that happens lol). Rebel? I can't think of any other options.

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