Why is this one patch in my hair not like the rest? I used to blow dry a LONG time ago but no more.

I stopped blow drying almost 2 years ago and my hair has curled/waved up a little. I'll show a picture of what the blow dryer used to do. Does that explain the one straight patch? Anything is appreciated!

1 Answer

It seems you have all the 2s spectrum on your hair. Some strands can be straight if you you have stopped 2 years ago, so probably by now your hair is damage free and if it is still straight that's how it is. It could be that you have some damage so it's not curling, you can try to nurture your hair, use protein and deep contidioning and see if it curls.I have a straight patch on the bottom, and one on my side what I do is I twisted them or hide them. It's fun to have different textures :)