Is it possible for glycerin or protein (or really any ingredient) to cause incomplete splits?

My hair has been natural for the majority of my life. A year ago when I actually started to focus on the condition of my hair, I noticed that my hair had incomplete splits throughout the middle to the near end of the strand. This wouldn't be a problem if it was a few strands but I noticed it was on the majority of my hair. I looked up an article on this website and it stated that it could be caused by heat styling, over-manipulation and using products that are too harsh. However, I haven't used heat in over two years and my routine is pretty low manipulation. So, I began to examine my products and all of them have two ingredients in common (ingredients that are somewhat controversial in the natural hair world) - glycerin and some form of protein. Some product examples include the shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie, cantu shea butter leave in repair cream, and a few months of experimenting with eco styler gel (argan and protein). I deep condition once a week with shea moisture deep conditioner (currently the anti-breakage one) and I finger detangle while the deep conditioner is in. I have low porosity hair, I wear wash n gos, have curls on the tighter end (3b or 3c or even some 4a, I really don't know) and I also live in new York to give you an idea of the weather. I did a trim about a month ago and it seemed as though they were gone but within a few weeks they were back (I cut off about three inches!) and in certain places they span about the last four inches of my hair. I have like neck length hair when shrunken and nearly shoulder length when wet. I have been contemplating going glycerin and protein free for the rest of the year to see if there is a difference. But do you think that these ingredients may be the culprit or possibly something else? (Sorry this description is so lengthy lol)

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