Is it possible to have healthy natural hair, and always keep it in protective styles

I'm still not comfortable wearing my natural hair. I have 4C type hair and shrinkage. My head is huge, and I just don't feel that the hair on my head accommodates the size. I'll leave my hair out for a day. Therefore I usually keep my hair in protective styles, mostly sew-ins, crochet, and rarely braids. Is it possible to have healthy natural hair under my protective styles? How should I be treating my hair while its cornrowed under the protective style? I take down my protective style monthly. 

2 Answers

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I'm sure you're being way to critical of your head but I'm with you as far as not wearing my type 4 hair out. I love my hair but too much shrinkage makes it look extra tight and styles don't seem to work well for me so I also wear protective styles. I think it's fine as long as you're keeping the hair well moisturized underneath and your protective style isn't too tight and allows your hair to still breathe underneath. I keep mine in a bun and I take it down every weekend, wash and conditioning (or Cowash) and back into my protective style it goes. I've noticed rapid growth this way. I think you'll be fine.