Product recs for hair damaged by medication

My name is Helen and i live in Australia. I am writing to you for your desperately needed help.I am a 2c-wavy on top, ringlet underneath. However i have about 3 to 4 times as much hair as that lady in the picture! I am redhead, fair and sensitive skin.The story goes like this:- 3 yrs ago my back was injured resulting in surgery that has not beensuccessful to date.  This has left me taking a hand full of meds morning, noon and night which 99% of them having dehydrating side effects to them. It has been very stressful and it is now starting to affect my hair where i now have the five signs of damage and is now (i think) chemically hypersensitive to parabens, silicone, phosphate and sulphate. Before the injury i had beautiful wavy ringlet hair that always was commented on.I need help to find a cleansing conditioner (i have given up on shampoo-it only makes my hair feel like straw), a leave-in conditioner and a deep treatment. Would you be able to help as my situation is different because of the medications? My hair is totally dry, frizzy, dull, falling out and my scalp is sore. I think you product advisors need to have a forum regarding this problem (lol).

1 Answer

Have you tried Andalou Naturals? They make great, natural products that might help heal your hair.